Welcome to YiffClan!

Who are you guys, anyways?

We're quite literally a "clan" of furries, originally a DOOM/Zandronum clan, we have both gamers and non-gamers alike, including those from SL(Second Life), and elsewhere. We're a very friendly and all-accepting community who will welcome you with open arms regardless of your sexuality, creed, religion or lack thereof, race, gender identity, etc. You don't have to necessarily be a furry to join, just be yourself! We're one of the very few communities that don't law down harsh rules, and our community works very much like a democracy; The owner reigns but does not govern, and the staff run the community. Staff are listed on the staff page to your left. They've been chosen wisely, and they're friendly, so don't be afraid to contact them!

How do I join?

Simple! Just join our Discord to keep in touch with us, it's listed right on the homepage, but in just incase, it's right here: https://discord.gg/8qMv8wG
At any given time we have over 100 people online, Discord's widget only shows visible users, and will not list those who have chosen their status to remain invisible, but our C++ bot keeps an accurate count. This community is a *good* place to come to if you're feeling down, or just feeling like you need to socialize, because, as you'll soon find out, as soon as you join, watch how many people immediately welcome you.

I see a bunch of people play Zandronum/DOOM/Second Life, what gives?

We're currently expanding our dedicated server to different games and host servers and sims, but for right now, we're literally a melting pot of furries with differing opinions and views on life, of all different ages, backgrounds and upbringing. This is why this community is treated like a democracy. The owner, Fox McCloud(Tom) is a paralegal and prospective attorney, and believes in the Bill of Rights(the first ten amendments to our constitution that make up our rights) and these same rights are applied to this community. The right to have your opinion, the freedom of expression, etc.

With all these different people with different opinions, there must be a lot of fighting!

Nope. Debates have happened, in a civil manner. This community has existed for years in its different phases, and in all those years, there has never been one single incident of a prolonged fight between one another in anger to date.

What about furry "drama"?

Yep, happens everywhere no matter where you go. Almost 100% of the "drama" that has occured in our community is when someone has felt down and others have tried to help that person from being depression/suicidal.
You must understand, there's a difference between Good drama, and Bad drama. Good drama is constructive and helps a person, bad drama brings people down. The latter does not occur, especially not anymore, not with the excellent staff we have.

In summary, we're a melting pot. We are all different, but equal.
Euclid's first common notion is this: "Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other". That's a rule, of mathematical reasoning; It's true, because it works. In his book, Euclid says "This is self-evident". You see, even in that 2,000 year old book of mechical law it is a self-evident truth that things which are equal to the same thing, are equal to each other. This is equality, fairness. That's justice. No racism, no xeno-phobia, love for everything and everyone.

Welcome to our community.