Welcome to [YIFF] Clan!

Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/9sZ9auxUH5, or if you don't have Discord installed use your web browser: Discord Server

NEWS - 5/15/2020
This website is currently going under a re-vamp, and our community is growing. A new universal invite link has been created. There will be a section about our "Puppy Program"(a litter run by Fox), and a section dedicated to the development of our new game engine written from scratch using C++17 with Direct3D 11, called FOXENGINE I. All will be coming soon!

NEWS - 9/25/2019

NEWS - 8/22/2019
We're back! We have just added our latest DOOM/Zandronum server, [YIFF] Complex AV (LCA/DJB/DUST/RM/ITEM CRAFT). Within two hours of its launch, we've managed to make it to the top of the list as #1!

This was taken one hour after launching the server.

9/13/2018 -- We are currently looking to hire another administrator for both the DOOM server and Discord. If you're the leader type and wish to apply for the position, please go on our Discord or e-mail Tom(Fox) at THWoodman@gmail.com.

NEWS - 4/23/2019

PIC RELATED: This is the actual unit I did a significant amount of my time in (Echo Long). Hey guys, as most of you know, I've been jail for months for having my .45 on me with an expired permit. I'm facing 15 years. However, I was given a plea.

NEWS - 9/9/2018! [YIFF] DOOM Deathmatch server created with AEON mod. It's essentially DOOM 3 within DOOM 2, as of this writing the server is incredibly popular. The Complex Doom Invasion server is currently down, as we are seeing if we can tweak the Aeon/D4T mod for invasion. The member list has also been updated! Let's all welcome [YIFF]VenStatt, [YIFF]Memerz, [YIFF]Aipo, and [YIFF]Ravie to the clan! They've been properly initiated and are registered members both on the Discord server and here on the website. The ability to join the Discord server straight from the website has been added as a feature at the top navigation bar. If anyone has any comments or suggestions as to what we should host, whether you're a clan member or not, please feel free to contact us on Discord/E-mail and we'll take what you say into consideration. Again, PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW CLAN MEMBERS AS STATED ABOVE! :) The clan is growing at an alarming rate, as we are getting new members and expanding every day.